Real Bride Steph

We are so excited to share these gorgeous images of real bride Steph on her wedding day, they are absolutely breath taking and we are so grateful to have been a part of her special journey. This is why we do what we do!

Real Bride Steph had search all over the United States for her dream wedding dress, New York, Los Angeles, Atlanta… but nothing beat the image of our ‘Somewhere in Time’ she had seen in Brides Magazine on a previous trip to the UK. When we received a message from Steph explaining her journey so far we knew we could help. After travelling to our local train station we had Steph collected by car and drove straight to our Staffordshire Showroom where she began her journey with Lyn Ashworth.

Steph’s Story –

“I was completely in love with Lyn Ashworth designs after seeing an advertisement in a UK Bridal magazine I picked up as I was leaving Heathrow to return to Los Angeles.  I had been looking for a few months in the States but had not found the inspiration I had hoped for.  When I returned home I looked at all the collections online and fell head over heels for the “Somewhere in Time” French Lace dress in Sea Pearl.  I quickly learned there were no stockist in the US.  I looked at numerous stores in LA and NYC for something to inspire me more than this dress to no avail.  My partner and I had a return trip to the UK planned and he encouraged me to reach out and make an appointment.  Our relationship has been an adventurous journey and he thought it only fitting that the dress have a lovely story too.  Sam and Sarah were great, answering all my questions timely and helping ensure I was able to coordinate everything.  When I arrived at the studio it was adorable, set in a quaint refurbished estate barn.  Inside was warm and full of friendly people who wanted to make my day as special as possible.  Sam gave me internet access so I could video chat will my maid of honour and flower girls who were back in Florida.  By this time there was only one dress I truly wanted to see but that did not stop me browsing the racks filled with timeless creations of satin and lace.  We started the process by talking about the Somewhere in Time creation and why I was so drawn to it.  Sarah walked me through the various options available with the dress and how they change to overall look.  Next came the best part, trying on “the” dress.  It was instant, I knew it was worth all the efforts as I slipped my are into the flowy sleeves.  Next came the tears of joy and happiness, Sam was immediately at my side with tissues.  When the dress arrived I was speechless. When I opened the box I cried. The lace is so delicate and lovely, the colour is truly bespoke, it was everything I hoped for and more.  The fit was perfect and only minor hemming was needed.  I am forever thankful I had the honour of marrying the man of my dreams in a dress of my dreams.”