Absolutely Fashion: Lyn Ashworth on the Cover of Brides Magazine

Achieving a cover of a magazine is no mean feat. Let alone the cover of Brides Magazine, part of the illustrious Condé Nast Group.

The BBC Two documentary Absolutely Fashion: Inside British Vogue demonstrates just how much of an achievement this is. Vogue also lies within the Condé Nast group, illustrating the luxury standards that are held at Brides Magazine. The two-part series highlights how the style, the designer, the story, and the all important nod of approval from the editor in chief, are but some of the elements that are involved in the process of being selected for such a prestigious cover.

The stunning ‘Arabella’ wedding gown by Lyn Ashworth by Sarah Barrett graced the cover of Brides magazine, also experiencing the same detailed process as shown in the documentary. Our cover highlights how every Lyn Ashworth bride will experience a luxury gown, with flattering silhouettes and opulent textures no matter what the style.

Lyn Ashworth 'Arabella' on the Cover of Brides Magazine


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